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Located in the Hill Country of Bandera, Texas, the Contemplative Resource Center (CRC) is a unique health and wellness center that offers a variety of services and programs. We draw from contemplative traditions to create a conscious campus for all in a gorgeous guest ranch setting next to the Hill Country State Natural Area.

There’s an old cowboy saying: “When in doubt, let your horse do the thinking.” When it comes to personal growth, that’s not a bad idea, and the CRC is the perfect place to unplug, unwind and understand yourself and the world a little bit better. We have the land, we have the horses, and our doors are open.

Return to Yourself 

The CRC offers repose and a “soft reset” for people to find their own path to understanding.  We do this through a focalized approach to wellness that promotes reconnection to self, others and nature. We are a mindful resource, and we support people from all walks of life in developing personal proficiency. In fact, exploration is encouraged—both inner and outer!

Guests choose from many opportunities to scout the surrounding land as well as choose from a diverse menu of programs and trainings in five fields of study and research: Creativity and the Arts, Communication, Health and Wellbeing, Philosophy (Knowing and Reasoning), and the Science of Mind.

The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

Karma Dechen Choling (KDC), a Warsaw Buddhist Center, in combination with other Buddhist groups in Poland, are offering humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people with transportation from the Polish-Ukrainian border, cash, a place to stay, food, clothing and other support.

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The CRC is also committed to community outreach, and every program we develop is an opportunity to form meaningful connections. If you’re in doubt, “let your horse do the thinking” among the rolling hills of central Texas. Connect with yourself, the environment, and the community.

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Psychedelics & The Contemplative Path Video on Demand

How can we apply psychedelic therapies to addiction recovery, PTSD and end-of-life care? Can psychedelics be applied to contemplation? What are the risks?

Join us for this Video on Demand series, featuring unique, educated insights from a collection of diverse viewpoints and disciplines. Explore philosophical questions about psychedelic insights, the nature of reality, and awakening, and learn about the history of psychoactive substances in Buddhism and Asian religions.

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In Search of “Perfect” Community - Think Big, Go Slow

An Interactive Workshop with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Video on Demand - Original Live Broadcast on Zoom: Oct. 22 to 24th, 2021  

What does “community” mean to you and how have the events of the past year shaped your perspective? Connect, engage and reflect as you view the recordings from the 27th Annual Treasury of Knowledge retreat, a virtual, interactive experience.

Taught in English and Tibetan with translations to Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese.

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English | 中文 | Português | Español


Texas Storm Damage to Contemplative Resource Center

Dec. 2, 2021

Dear Friends,

It’s been 9 months since Winter and Ice Storm Uri numbed the state of Texas with record breaking snowfalls and frigid temperatures, leaving much of the area in a state of shock, including our Bandera ranch.

The good news: We are in the process of repairing old infrastructure, and we improved systems and modernized some areas. The ranch is now in excellent shape, and we’re looking forward to receiving guests at full capacity once again. However, in the months between “then and now” we experienced a severe interruption.

The not-so-good news: After all the work that has been done, we are facing a final construction invoice of $51,000, and we’re hoping you can support us one more time.

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Resources from TOK

Seizing Transitions as Opportunities

Life transitions — including moving, changing jobs, becoming sick, or dying — are often times of pronounced fear and feelings of panic. However, if met with kindness and clear seeing, such transition periods can be times of heightened awakening and even joy. During this weekend program, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche will share Buddhist methods for tapping into our our emotional and intellectual abilities so that we can meet these life changes skillfully.

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Contemplation: Gratitude

There is a lot of neuroscience research about gratitude these days. The sciences are taking a deeper interest in what contemplatives, artists and poets practice as foundational to their crafts: deeper understanding of life and reality, beauty, and creativity. Whatever inspires us toward gratitude, whether science, personal development, or art, we have to do our own research–we have to uncover gratitude for ourselves.

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Recently Added

Medicine Buddha: How to Engage the Heart of Healing

with Dr. Dan Hirshberg

The Medicine Buddha practice offers extraordinarily powerful healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, which is much needed in this moment as we continue to find our way in the midst of chaos.

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A core principle of the CRC’s mission is a commitment to community outreach and the development of programs, internships and mentoring opportunities for youth, families and other interested communities. Bandera, Texas, and the surrounding area provides the ideal place for reflection, connection and education.